Pick the Upright Vacuum for Thick Carpet is So Easy!

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A thick carpet could be used in the places with less pressure like in the front of the bathroom.

With a thick carpet, you enable to put it in another important space such as in the living room, or in your bedroom.

But how should you vacuum these carpets? You just need to find out an upright vacuum for thick carpet. Here are some tricks you should know first.

upright vacuum for thick carpet

Great history of a thick carpet

A thick carpet is well-known as a high pile one. It is called the shag carpet or the shaggy rug.

Between the 1950s and the 1970s, most of the Americans wished to buy this category as it was so expensive and elegant. The average cost for a shag carpet was the price of an electric stove. It also lasted longer in many years ago.

Families who bought these carpets were wealthy and respectable. Similarly, for those who can afford sports cars are the highest classes nowadays!

Though the thick carpet is the chic floor covering in the past history, it is becoming popular in the leading carpeting industry. These days, it represents the modest social standing.

Shag carpet is changing new image because it increases in a variety of latest materials and production techniques. These will make thick carpet is softer and more fleecy.

If you own the thick carpeting (the shag one or the wall-to-wall shag carpeting), an upright vacuum cleaner will keep your rug clean without damaging.

Why is important to vacuum a thick carpet?

As mentioned earlier, a thick carpet is heavy and a bit long due to the first-class fibers. If you do not clean the carpet; dust, debris, particles and other allergens will have the chance to live it perfectly.

You may surprise that many diseases, including dangerous touches of flu, are coming from carpets. This is the reason why you should think of both a new couple investment which is a carpet and a vacuum cleaner.

With a thick carpet, what happens when you place a vacuum cleaner over the surface? And how about the robust suction when it works on that carpet?

It can soak up everything on the ground and…your carpet probably does not withstand the strong power. Along with it, it is so hard to push the vacuum.

The weight of the unit is also crucial to notice.

If it is dense and large, the plush carpet is not a new issue. The thickness padding (underneath the carpet) is also a problem that you should pay attention too!

Another issue is the result of the solidity of the carpet fibers which lack the space for the unit to remove the dirt from the nozzle.

How should you know an upright vacuum for thick carpet is suitable?

Because the thick carpets require special care and attention, you should discover what makes a good vacuum before deciding.

Large wheels

With small wheels, the device cannot move around and get stuck on the surface of the carpet. For longer, it probably makes strain when you bring it around due to the thickness.

Lightweight construction

If the product is heavy, it will impel into the fibers and make it is worse. This issue does not damage the unit and the carpet, but it adds an additional strain on your body.

Air filter vacuum

The debris and dirt are easily trapped on the thick carpet. So, you should use the device with an air filter to soak them without getting back into the air.

Light suction

It is said that a thick carpet has to match to a vacuum with strong suction. However, this is incorrect thinking because the fibers in the carpet will be damaged and loosen day by day. In fact, you just find the unit with a light suction to get a deep clean.

No accessories

It sounds a bit ridiculous but it is true with a thick carpet. Do you know why? This is because most of the accessories are suitable for fine carpets only. They are not a good option for thick ones. Brushes or beater bars are not available.

 Apart from these features, you should figure out others relying on your demands and your house too! For example, you may require the unit with a long cord with some adjustable features to tackle different types of flooring. What you need should be listed carefully.

Bottom line

You have learned more about the thick carpets to help you catch the right upright vacuum closer.

Do not ignore an upright vacuum as it could be simple to keep your thick carpets are clean enough. This is the key to remove the buildup of dirt, pet hair, and allergens in check. Always clean and fluffy!

Of course, the final decisions are yours; I hope that you will be satisfied with the one you purchase! Do not forget to read my guide first!

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